GQOM MEETS GOSPEL: A collaboration between Karen Van Pletsen x Durban Gospel Choir x RudeBoyz

KOMO (Keep On Moving On); This heart bounding anthem is a brand new collaboration by Karen Van Pletsen (Raise Your Voice), the majestic Durban Gospel Choir and #Gqi DJ duo/producers, RudeBoyz. It is the first of it’s kind and sees soaring melodic lyrics , angelic voices and the heart pounding sounds of#gqom combine to make a truly majestic anthem .

Composed by Karen Van Pletsen
Produced by Karen Van Pletsen and the RudeBoyz.

The song is a true proudly #Durban showcase and demonstrates the power of collaboration.


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Be advised that the link won’t be available after three weeks and the single will then only be available on iTunes & Google Play Music.

#UNBELIEVABLE is the first single from the Palm Tree Paradise A.E. (Art Experiment) and it features PDogg Amazing x Sydrow x Jaybee

About the Art Experiment:

What is the first thing you think about when you visualize the beauty and grandeur of the city of Durban? Yes you got it, Palm Trees. On the back of this amazing realization the freshest Livecalm artists; Jaybee, Papa Axsion & Sydrow collaborated with RowShotgun, Bright and SMB’s very own PDogg Amazing to create an art-exipirement which provides for the ear the same beauty that the city of Durban provides for the eye.

The #PalmTreeParadise is a sonic Hip-Hop masterpiece produced by RowShotgun (executive producer) who’s beats and melodies provide the canvas for these young Durban renaissance Hip-Hop artists to paint a musical masterpiece of epic proportions.

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