Nelson Mandela Month offerings

Today is the last day of Nelson Mandela Month and we couldn’t feel better moving forth with the year. Too many good things come to mind when reflecting on Tata Madiba’s work, and all those thoughts certainly get our team’s creative juices flowing…

Check these out:


Creative Expressions by Rodney

sad story Creative expressions by Rodney


“One of the aim of Fast Movement Events is to empower the youth and create a space for the kool cats of South Africa to come vibe, and gain recognition.

This is done by hosting an event called “Sessions”. Which primarily focuses on giving the youth and upcoming talents a platform to express themselves and show off their creativity to a large audience.

When we speak of up and coming artists we mean people in these respective fields: singers, poets, rappers, graffiti artists, DJ’s & dancers. Sessions plays a huge role in boosting the artists career and gives them the experience of performing on a platform they haven’t been exposed to, just before its time that they blow up.

It is focused to only be held at universities, so far it has been at all UKZN campuses in KZN.

To name a few artists that Sessions has managed to attract here you go, Gemini Major(Ragga Ragga), Eric Rush(Swoosh) & Palm Tree Paradise(Unbelievable). The list is pretty long, but you get the idea.

If you are a aspiring come up artist, to get into the game this is where you better go – to kick your career off or to get more cats to vibe to your art.

For more details please follow Fast Movement Events on social media and wait for their call out for submissions for you to stand a chance to be part of the next Sessions.

Facebook: Fast Movement Events
Twitter: FastMovement_E
Instagram: FastMovement_E


The year 2016 has been great, all thanks to your love and support. Currently, the company is undergoing some changes, from broadening our services not just only in Durban, but across the country and globally. As for the upcoming New Year, plans and arrangements have been made to ensure great customer service and quality entertainment. Certain updates will also be made to improve our website, social media presence, along with everything that is still undergoing planning and implementation. Please be patient fam, the journey will be worth it.

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