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sad story Creative expressions by Rodney

The Death of Africa in Africa

“The rise and fall of Afrocentrism in South Africa”

Did anyone else notice the lack of natural hair and colorful head wraps in 2017? I don’t know if I’m alone in this but as I look around, both on social media and real life, I don’t see much tribal print or Nubian inspired looks anymore. I guess I should have expected this. Trends come and go all the time, but during the rise of this epidemic, I was hopeful that it wouldn’t be just another trend but rather a lifestyle. Surrounded by the influences of #BlackLivesMatter, #FeesMustFall and other black consciousness movements, I hoped that African pride would become imprinted in the souls of who we are as a nation and not just fill the walls of our Facebook pages and Instagram feeds for a season.

Today, I see only a few faithful black activists and feminists driving on the cause whilst the rest of the nation falls back onto comfortable and familiar fashion trends. And just like that, head wraps are reverted back to a style used to hide bad hair days and afros are seen only during the transitional period from one hairdo to another. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not upset, just disappointed. It was beautiful to see so many black women adorn their traditional wear with such pride and not only make a clear fashion statement, but make a bold declaration of their worth as black women and the foreseen direction of the future of the black nation.

I hope that even though the clothes have been shifted to the back of the closet, the mindset in the lives of millions remains. I wish to see that same determination and drive in the lives of black women (and men) nationwide live on. Remember, African is not what we wear, it’s who we are. So let’s continue to be a people who are proud to be African, regardless of what we wear or don’t wear.

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UNBELIEVABLE – Palm Tree Paradise


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#UNBELIEVABLE is the first single from the Palm Tree Paradise A.E. (Art Experiment) and it features PDogg Amazing x Sydrow x Jaybee

About the Art Experiment:


What is the first thing you think about when you visualize the beauty and grandeur of the city of Durban? Yes you got it, Palm Trees. On the back of this amazing realization the freshest Livecalm artists; Jaybee, Papa Axsion & Sydrow collaborated with RowShotgun, Bright and SMB’s very own PDogg Amazing to create an art-exipirement which provides for the ear the same beauty that the city of Durban provides for the eye.

The #PalmTreeParadise is a sonic Hip-Hop masterpiece produced by RowShotgun (executive producer) who’s beats and melodies provide the canvas for these young Durban renaissance Hip-Hop artists to paint a musical masterpiece of epic proportions.

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