Photography project by Chama

A project I am currently working on involving social justice work in my community is on Albinism. I have come across two very brave young male individuals who did not use their condition to hold them back in achieving their goal of becoming professional models. With their permission I started to take street fashion photography of Dlamini and Nhlah, who pride themselves in self-confidence. The purpose of this project is to show people of how one being albino doesn’t halt your process of doing what You dream of doing and making sure You always believe in yourself.

How did you learn about the Photography and Social Justice Fellowship?

I learned about photography and social justice fellowship through the Opportunity Desk. This platform is very important for youth in my community as it gives people like me a platform and opportunity to get our opinions and work out on a much bigger platform. I was informed to look into the Opportunity Desk as a way to find opportunities through a family member. Which is a big look out for people such as myself to start believing that action rather than promises could pan out. I believe the saying by the late Nelson Mandela ‘Be the change you want to see,’ which is a motto I will hopefully be afforded to live out with the Photography and social justice fellowship.

Part 2 coming next week.